Here’s a secret to how you can have 1 of 3 things in your design career!

  1. You can have a multiple 6 figure freelance business.
  2. You can land your dream design job.
  3. You could have an amazing full-time job and freelance on the side.

You ask, How can I achieve this?

I’ve earned great money this past year by sorta hacking the algorithm of Dribbble. Well, Kinda. …

Should designers use UI Kits?

Hell yeah! Why not? Using a design system/UI kit isn’t cheating but working smarter not harder.

I’ve met lots of designers from different teams, large and small that swear by speeding up their design process and using these tools.

Not all design systems or UI…

Jacob Olenick

Senior Product Designer @ Forge Studio SF | Husband ☕️ 🧋

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